Wire Bounce App Reviews

49 add


Almost unplayable because of all the lag please fix this problem

Pretty good

Good game to play when youre taking a fat dump would recommend

Not sure

Cough* impossible game cough* geometry dash cough*


This is pretty fun

Love/hate relationship

I love the game a lot. Keeps me busy when I am waiting or not busy.

Pretty interesting game

Really fun and addicting, keeps you entertained!


Really enjoy this game.

So sexy it hurts



its crazy how this simple game can be soooooo addictive !!

Best game

I love the addiction it brings

This game is my drugs

ever sense i started playing it i never could stop I NEED HELP

Challenging but fun

Took a while to get the hang of timing the jumps but then it was all about maximizing efficiency.

Easy fun

WireBounce is easy to play and fun. You get noticeably better as you play, Im not a phone game guy but this one is pretty addictive and entertaining

Glitchy Bug Zone

Hilariously buggy game full of glitches. Built solely for ad promotion.

Awesome game!!!?

Amazing game! I have only been playing this game for a few days, but I know Ill get super addicted!!

Meh ???????

I will be honest, it is fun for 5 minutes and then it is immediately monotonous...

Very Fun and Addicting!

When you first play the game the controls and mechanics do take some getting used to but after that the game is fun and challenging and no one has made a game like this before. Absolutely recommend! :)

Better than Extra Credit

This game is too nice. I got so carried away playing it once, that I missed an opportunity to get extra credit ?. At least I beat my score ?

The Lag Is Real

Game is way too laggy.. Couldnt even play it. :p It might be my phone but it could be the game as well, overall, it looked interesting and I bet it would be loads of fun for people who the game doesnt lag for..

Super fun and simple to play ???

Game is crack!! ? Keep playing trying to beat my score? cant stop bouncing. I just showed 2 friends and they are both hooked now. I need to get to the top spot ???

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