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Wire Bounce app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2256 ratings )
Games Action Arcade
Developer: tastypill
Current version: 2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Sep 2016
App size: 92.5 Mb

Wire Bounce is a simple tapping strategy game about quickness, accuracy, and reflex. Its easy to learn but difficult and almost impossible to master. Tap to bounce on tiles to score points but dont touch the spikes or fall into the holes and pit. Use the right strategy to improve your accuracy and hit the square tiles to score every time. The more fast bounces you make, the higher you score but the harder it becomes to avoid spikes and navigate the holes and spaces. Can you beat this elegant yet impossible tile bouncing adventure? Download Wire Bounce right now to find out.

How to play

> Tap your screen to bounce your dot string wire onto the tiles below
> Each tile you hit nets you 1 point so tap and bounce fast
> Hit each tile without touching spikes or falling into the hole pit
> Focus on quickness, accuracy, and avoidance skills to achieve the highest score

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Pros and cons of Wire Bounce app for iPhone and iPad

Wire Bounce app good for

Good game to play when youre taking a fat dump would recommend
I love the game a lot. Keeps me busy when I am waiting or not busy.
ever sense i started playing it i never could stop I NEED HELP
Took a while to get the hang of timing the jumps but then it was all about maximizing efficiency.
WireBounce is easy to play and fun. You get noticeably better as you play, Im not a phone game guy but this one is pretty addictive and entertaining
Amazing game! I have only been playing this game for a few days, but I know Ill get super addicted!!

Some bad moments

Almost unplayable because of all the lag please fix this problem
Hilariously buggy game full of glitches. Built solely for ad promotion.
Game is way too laggy.. Couldnt even play it. :p It might be my phone but it could be the game as well, overall, it looked interesting and I bet it would be loads of fun for people who the game doesnt lag for..
Liked it till I started getting ads after every game so I deleted it. Not worth your time. More ads then play time
This game was very enjoyable with only a few ads. I can understand that they need to make money, so just a few is normally okay. After a recent update, ads have taken over the game, rendering it unplayable. Do not download unless you like watching ads.
This is a super fun game. Its really fun and addictive. But the ads are extremely intrusive, making it annoying to try to play. Every 2-3 losses is a 5-20 second video ad. I get that they need to make money, but these overly-intrusive ads ruined the game, and I ended up uninstalling.

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