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Pretty good

Good game to play when you're taking a fat dump would recommend


I love the game


It's fun except for the fact that my iPad glitches and causes it to fall. It isn't that addicting to me ig.

I like it but...

The game is really good and addicting. I've been playing for literally 15 minutes and can't beat 81 😂. However, at some times, I would have actually beat it if the HIT BOXES were more better. I would tap and the ball would go through the block. 🤷‍♂️ like what the heck. That needs to be fixed otherwise this a really really good game 👍

Overall good

I mean, if you're extremely bored, your Netflix is down, and you have nothing better to do. This is the game for you.

So FUN!!!

Very challenging


5 star

Wire bounce

My name is Olivia and I'm in the fourth grade. I really enjoy this game I really do recommend it!

Delight to disappointment.

The constant advertisements ruin the gameplay. Three stars. Not one to complain about ads, but once every two game-plays is outrageous. Game has changed for the worse.

Way too many ads

This game is new and different and fun, but the ads are way too intrusive. I have no problem with free but ad-supported games. But this game has more ads than gameplay. I'm uninstalling it 15 minutes after downloading it because of that. I downloaded another game by this developer, and same scenario there as well- fun game but the amount of ads is horrendous.

I love this game but.....

I LOVE this game. It is addicting and fun, but in the middle of a game an add pops up and makes you have to start over. Other than that, a GREAT game



Easy to get hooked on this game.

Once you start playing, it's tough to stop. Regardless, a fun game.


This has been such a fun game and it has been so addicting but sometimes it can get very stressful like that one time when I was trying to beat my score and I was so close but that I die so stressful so i recommend it

No more ads

It's annoying that I have to turn on airplane mode every time I want to play. But otherwise its fine

Very addictive

This game is very addictive but there a too many ads they open up in the middle of the game sometimes other than the ads it a very fun game!

Fun game with excessive ads

This is a super fun game. It's really fun and addictive. But the ads are extremely intrusive, making it annoying to try to play. Every 2-3 losses is a 5-20 second video ad. I get that they need to make money, but these overly-intrusive ads ruined the game, and I ended up uninstalling.

Hard but addictive

I love this game. It's great

Good but to many ads

They should add more balls into the game

Wire Bounce

It is super fun and amazing


It's ok but repetitive

Super addictive

This game is very simplistic but bet addictive the feel a jubilation when you break 100 for the first time 🙃

So much fun

get it please

Soooo many ads

Game is physically destroyed by the amount of ads.

Super addicting, but...

This game is fun and addictive. I love unlocking new things and the challenge of beating my own high score. BUT, the video ads are excessive on the free version. I understand that ads are a necessity on a free app, but it seems like for every two minutes I play, I get a minute or longer ad. That's along with the ads you can watch to get more coins (I appreciate that additive), and an ad at the bottom of the screen during game play. The game is great, I am just really tired of seeing Talking Tom every two minutes.

Unique and addictive

Really fun game i find myself starting it up all the time to play for a little bit. A little heavy on the ads but i like it.anyway!

Easy and simple

It's a nice small game, a good time killer

Too many ads

This game was very enjoyable with only a few ads. I can understand that they need to make money, so just a few is normally okay. After a recent update, ads have taken over the game, rendering it unplayable. Do not download unless you like watching ads.

Wire bounce is crazy addictive

Not much to it but it'll get you hooked fast! Good game to pass time I highly recommend it!!!


Liked it till I started getting ads after every game so I deleted it. Not worth your time. More ads then play time

Too many ads

Too many ads

Alo great

Great app

Engrossing and terrific!

Simple looking game but extremely addicting at the same time. The wires are pretty cool and innovative. Fantastic way to kill a few minutes here and there... 💯

Easy and quick

Best this game in 1 day....

Super fun and simple to play 💪🙌👌

Game is crack!! 💀 Keep playing trying to beat my score💯 can't stop bouncing. I just showed 2 friends and they are both hooked now. I need to get to the top spot 🔥🔥💯

The Lag Is Real

Game is way too laggy.. Couldn't even play it. :p It might be my phone but it could be the game as well, overall, it looked interesting and I bet it would be loads of fun for people who the game doesn't lag for..

Better than Extra Credit

This game is too nice. I got so carried away playing it once, that I missed an opportunity to get extra credit 😩. At least I beat my score 😝

Very Fun and Addicting!

When you first play the game the controls and mechanics do take some getting used to but after that the game is fun and challenging and no one has made a game like this before. Absolutely recommend! :)

Meh 😐😑😕🙁😒😴💤

I will be honest, it is fun for 5 minutes and then it is immediately monotonous...

Awesome game!!!😜

Amazing game! I have only been playing this game for a few days, but I know I'll get super addicted!!

Glitchy Bug Zone

Hilariously buggy game full of glitches. Built solely for ad promotion.

Easy fun

WireBounce is easy to play and fun. You get noticeably better as you play, I'm not a phone game guy but this one is pretty addictive and entertaining

Challenging but fun

Took a while to get the hang of timing the jumps but then it was all about maximizing efficiency.



This game is my drugs

ever sense i started playing it i never could stop I NEED HELP

Best game

I love the addiction it brings


it's crazy how this simple game can be soooooo addictive !!

So sexy it hurts



Really enjoy this game.

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